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Welcome to Los Angeles Telephone!

This is the official web site of Los Angeles Telephone, an independant private telephone network based in Canoga Park, California.

Looking for local telephone service? Sorry, we don't offer that. For telephone service in your home or business, we unofficially recommend VoIP.ms and CallWithUs.

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716 S. Olive St., Downtown Los Angeles
Pacific Telephone building, built in 1911
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An original Southern California Telephone
Company employee's badge
Los Angeles Telephone History

The first company to offer telephone service to the public in the Los Angeles area was The Los Angeles Telephone Company.

The Los Angeles Telephone Company began offering service in 1879, just one year after the very first telephone exchange in North America in New Haven, Connecticut, in January, 1878. The Los Angeles Telephone Company originally started with seven subscribers in the area of what is now Downtown Los Angeles.

In 1883, The Los Angeles Telephone Company merged with another local telephone company based in Northern California, Sunset Telephone Company. In 1906, the Sunset Telephone Company was acquired by Pacific Telephone and Telegraph, later known as Pacific Bell.

Meanwhile, another telephone comany, the Home Telephone and Telegraph Company, had also been operating in Los Angeles since 1902. By 1916, Home Telephone had 60,000 subscribers, but these telephones could not connect with telephones in the Sunset Telephone system. This created a very inconvenient situation for telephone users in Los Angeles, as businesses were forced to pay for two telephones, one from each service, and residents could not call some other residents because they were on the wrong system.

Finally, an agreement was reached in 1916 to combine the two systems as the Southern California Telephone Company, and consolidation was completed in May, 1918. Southern California Telephone officially became part of Pacific Telephone and Telegraph in 1947.

(Some of the historical information thanks to Gary Goff.)

Customer Service

At Los Angeles Telephone, we're always here to help, or just to chat!

If you have a problem with or question about vintage Western Electric telephones and small telephone systems from the sixties and seventies, or questions about the Asterisk software PBX, please feel free to contact us.

Calls from other vintage telephone collectors and those interested in VOIP and Asterisk are always welcome!

We can be reached on C*NET at 1-857-2367. We're usually around every day between 10am and 6pm Pacific time.

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